Pershing 74

Leistung, Design & Authentizität

Hier fehlt es an nichts, mit etlichen Innovationen, die den Komfort für Eigner und Gäste verbessern.

This yacht is the natural evolution of the widely appreciated Pershing 72, the initiator of a new aesthetic trend in Pershing’s fleet. Just like its predecessor, it is characterised by unique ‘open’ features ensuring direct contact with the sea. Plenty of natural light, state-of-the-art technology, and a painstaking study of interiors are its key design features. Equally impressive is its maximum speed of 44 knots, which this yacht can reach while ensuring the utmost comfort at all times. It’s the pride and joy of the world boating industry as a whole.

Technische Daten

Länge ü. A. 22,26 m
Breite ü. A. 5,50 m
Tiefgang unter Propeller 1,45 m
Gewicht, unbeladen 43,4 t
Treibstofftank 4.500 l
Frischwassertank 990 l
Max. Personenanzahl 16
Max. Geschwindigkeit,
1/3 beladen
45,0 kn
Reisegeschwindigkeit 40,0 kn
Motoren 2 x 1918 MTU mit Arneson Drive
2 x 1.410 kW / 1.918 PS